Most of our members want their names to remain private.  We include them in our membership numbers but we don't publish their name on our membership list.  We understand not everyone is comfortable going public with their membership.

Some of our members have signed up for a public membership.  They are comfortable having their name published on our membership list. 

Here is our public membership list:


Janis Leone - School-Board Counsellor

Susan Cawker - CYW

Lynn Holley - EA

Vicki Delahaye - Secretary

Norma Vatcher - Secretary

Sherry-Lee Boyd – Student Retention Counsellor

Kim Kennedy – EA

Frances Ivy – EA

Shawna MacKellar - former Psychological Specialist (Associate Member)



Wendy Goodes

Carol Peterson

Tara Arnold

Jeanette Sage

Daria Gimon

Robin Helgesen

Brad MacMaster(Associate Member - male) 

Jeanette Morrison

Heather Hedges

Beverly Wright (Associate Member - retired Teacher)

Margaret Lobb

Leona Davidson



Leslie Schroeder

Marcie Steele

Mavis Chinamora-Stapleton

Mary Jane Dalton



Debbie Kasman - International Educational Consultant, former Student Achievement Officer with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat at the Ministry of Education, former Acting Interim Superintendent - Teaching and Learning, former Principal Assistant to the Superintendent - Special Education, former Principal and Teacher