Board hires female director and another female superintendent

October 21, 2017

KPR has hired a new female Director and another female Superintendent!  

Jennifer Leclerc has been promoted to Director and Gloria Tompkins to Superintendent.  Now there are 3 women and 6 men on the board's senior leadership team. This gives a ratio of 2 men for every 1 woman.  It’s not ideal but it’s better than the previous ratio of 3:1 and better than the ratio of 3.5 to 1 before that. 

KPR has also added 3 women from the elementary panel to its senior leadership team since we started advocating.  Jennifer Leclerc, Georgette Davis and Gloria Tompkins are all from the elementary panel. That’s progress, too.

One of our members had expressed concerns in writing to the previous Director and the previous Superintendent of Human Resources (both male) that there weren't enough women on the board's senior leadership team and there weren't enough women from the elementary panel. 

We are making progress but we still have outstanding concerns. 

Will these be addressed next?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau creates Gender balanced cabinet

November 4, 2015

Justin Trudeau unveiled a 31-member cabinet in his first move as prime minister and for the first time in Canadian history, Canada has a gender-balanced cabinet.  When asked why, Trudeau said, “Because it’s 2015.” 

Before the election, Trudeau said that he believes in full equality for women and men and equal representation in parliament. 

During the debate he called himself a feminist saying he shared a common goal with women:  to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. 

It's a historic day for Canada, one that puts the country a step closer to full equality for women, and a step further away from a male dominated political scene.    


Women's issues finally take the forefront in federal election

September 20, 2015

Thanks to a partnership between the Up For Debate campaign (which KPR Women has been supporting), Twitter Canada, Toronto Star and Le Devoir, women’s issues will finally take the forefront in the federal election.

The Alliance for Women’s Rights is hosting an evening to launch interviews with four federal party leaders:  Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, and Glles Duceppe. 

The leaders will debate women’s issues and there will be sizzling commentary from feminists, journalists, commentators, and pundits who will be analyzing and debating clips from exclusive one-on-one video interviews.  The interviews - focused on ending violence against women, ending women’s economic inequality and supporting women’s leadership - were conducted by well-known journalist and documentary filmmaker Francine Pelletier.

The event takes place on Monday, September 21, 2014.  The doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the audience must be seated by 6:50 p.m.  The debate will begin at 7:00 p.m. and there will be a reception to follow.  It will be held at the Isabel Bader Theatre, 93 Charles Street West, University of Toronto campus, near the Museum subway stop.  Admission is free.  To attend in person, reserve your seat asap at this link:

If you can’t attend in person, the Toronto Star and Le Devoir will livestream the event, and they’ll host the full-length video interviews on their websites in both English and French. Twitter Canada will also broadcast the event via its Periscope app.

 “We are proud to put women's issues at the centre of this election,” said Ann Decter, director of policy and advocacy at the YWCA Canada and Up For Debate campaign spokesperson. “For the first time in 30 years we will see federal party leaders speaking on the record to issues that matter to women.”

"Twitter Canada believes the issues being discussed are of critical national importance," said Steve Ladurantaye, head of government partnerships at Twitter. "It's essential that we have these discussions publicly so we can start to move beyond talk and effect real change in the coming years."

Marie-Andrée Chouinard, Communications Director at Le Devoir, said: “In line with its mission and values, Le Devoir is proud to partner in this debate where the parties will be asked to speak to issues affecting women's rights."

“This debate – and these questions - matter not only to women but to all Canadians. The Star is pleased to be working with our partners to advance and promote the discussion,” said Jane Davenport, Managing Editor of the Toronto Star.

Emcee Jess Beaulieu – a Toronto based feminist comedian and writer, will be joined on stage by journalists such as the Althia Raj of the Huffington Post Canada, Laura Payton from Macleans, and Laurie Monsabraaten of the Toronto Star, and by Canadian thought leaders such as Kate McInturff, Senior Researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Alejandra Bravo, Manager of Leadership and Learning at the Maytree Foundation, Katherine Hensel, founder and principal lawyer at Hensel Barristers, a diverse practice focused on serving First Nations, and Angela Robertson, Executive Director of Central Toronto Community Health Centres.


KPR Women Presents to the Director and his leadership advisory team

February 26, 2105

KPR Women presented to the Director and his leadership advisory team. 

To watch the presentation, click here

After the presentation, the Director replied, "The Leadership Advisory Team viewed the video you sent today.  The group did not have questions as a group but did want to convey that it recognizes the importance of gender equity in our society, and the importance of doing our best as educators to create environments where all students feel they can aspire to leadership and other opportunities without gender bias.  The specifics regarding the senior leadership group in our board were considered and the comments indicated that this appears to be a snapshot in time, that over time many women have been in senior roles including the past two directors, the only associate director, many superintendents, and that all current system principals are female.  They also indicated that the number of female applicants would have to be considered as well as those actually successful.  Thank you for sending the information."

The Women's Coalition asked if there are any plans to change the policy. 

The Director replied, "No, there are no plans to change our policy.  Trustees and senior administration are very aware of your position so I won't have any further comment."

KPR Women Joins Alliance for Women's Rights

January 19, 2015

KPR Women has joined the Alliance for Women’s Rights.  This is a network of over 100 women’s organizations and allies from across Canada united in raising awareness about women’s rights in the lead up to the next federal election. 

Up For Debate is calling on all political parties in Canada to commit to a federal leaders’ debate on issues identified by women – the first in 30 years, and to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and abroad by ending violence against women, ending women’s economic inequality, and supporting women’s leadership and organizations.  We are proud that our coalition is able to offer its support to the Alliance.  Our numbers now count in the Alliance for Women’s Rights numbers too. 

You can check out the Up for Debate Campaign Platform here:        

Our logo will be uploaded to the Alliance’s website soon.  You can check it out here: